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Long Term Treatment for Women

In some cases, long-term treatment can make all the difference.

Ask Us About Long-Term Treatment For Women

Every recovering woman deserves a place where she feels understood, supported, and empowered. At Worthy Wellness Center, we offer holistic, innovative, and trauma-informed therapeutic modalities for women taking the first steps on their journey to transformation and healing.

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Gender-Specific Factors In Women’s Mental Health And Addiction

Women face unique challenges in society, their relationships, and their identities that shape how they’re affected by addiction. Many women turn to substances to cope with the stress of unrealistic societal expectations, family responsibilities, or past trauma and abuse. Long term treatment facilities for women provide a supportive, therapeutic space to safely process their experiences and establish the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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What Are The Benefits Of Long-Term Treatment?

Recovery is a process that requires the right environment and extensive emotional support. Long-term treatment centers provide the necessary time and space to process past traumas and learn sustainable coping mechanisms. Our professional and compassionate team provides a safe space for women as they take the first steps of their recovery journey and navigate the underlying causes of their addiction.

Empowering Women Through Comprehensive Care

What Worthy Wellness Center Offers

We specialize in individualized, long-term treatment plans for women. Our programs encompass a range of integrative, personalized therapies, including individual counseling, group therapy, and wellness treatments. Our holistic approach is designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

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Care Tailored To You At Worthy Wellness Center

We believe in the power of personalized care. Our team of experts works closely with each woman to create a treatment plan that considers her life experiences, health history, and personal goals. This individualized approach ensures that every woman receives the unique care and attention she needs to heal fully.

A Supportive Community for Healing

While attending long-term treatment for women, every client becomes a part of our vibrant, supportive community. Forming bonds with other women walking similar journeys is one of the most meaningful parts of treatment, and it’s essential for transformative healing and growth.

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Does Insurance Cover Long-Term Treatment For Women?

At Worthy Wellness Center, we want our clients to focus on healing. For this reason, we strive to make navigating insurance coverage as transparent and manageable as possible. Our priority is eliminating any financial barriers to our life-changing programs. We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality care to all women seeking a path to recovery and wellness. 

Our financial counselors can help you understand your insurance options and identify ways to reduce the financial burden for women seeking long term addiction treatment. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Our Admission Process

Our admission process begins with a confidential conversation and a comprehensive assessment. Our experienced admissions team will partner with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals, and guide you through the insurance verification and financial planning processes. Once you’re ready, we warmly welcome you to our center and support your transition into the program. We ensure that enrollment is as stress-free as possible to give you the space and security to focus on your healing.


Find Out More About Long-Term Treatment For Women Today

At Worthy Wellness Center, our long term addiction treatment center for women is more than just a program; it’s a journey towards a brighter, healthier future. If you are ready to heal, we are here to walk alongside you as you gather your strength and begin your path to recovery. Call us today, our compassionate staff are here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Long-Term Treatment For Women

Long-term treatment usually lasts from 3 months to a year, depending on individual needs and progress. Some women continue to access partial or intensive outpatient programs throughout their recovery journey as a source of support and stability.
Long-term treatment often includes a combination of therapies such as individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma-informed therapy, family therapy, and various holistic approaches like yoga, meditation, and art therapy.
The ability to work or attend school during treatment depends on the intensity and structure of the program. Some long-term treatment programs offer flexible schedules or outpatient options that can accommodate continuing education or part-time work.
After completing a long-term treatment program, women typically transition into an aftercare plan, which may include ongoing therapy, support groups, and community-based resources. This phase is designed to reinforce the skills learned during treatment and provide continued support for maintaining sobriety and mental health.
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Here at Worthy Wellness Center, we understand how overwhelming and difficult recovery can be. Our mission is to help you gain back control of your life so you can live with purpose and health. We would love for the chance to offer our compassionate support on this journey towards wellness!

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