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Program Manager

Erica Voll

Erica Voll is a talented Case Manager and Counselor with a substantial background in the field of drug and alcohol treatment dating back to 2007. Her journey has been characterized by a deep-seated commitment to aiding individuals in overcoming addiction and embarking on the transformative journey to recovery. Possessing a notable CADCII credential, Erica consistently enhances her expertise, fueled by an undeterred dedication to better serve those in search of comfort and renewal.
Having experienced her own path to recovery, Erica holds a steadfast commitment to this field, driven by a sincere desire to reciprocate the kindness she herself received. Her commitment to nurturing positive change in people’s lives takes shape through various approaches, including tailored counseling sessions, adept case management, and the facilitation of transformative group therapy. Erica’s unwavering aspiration remains to contribute to the journey of transformation and comprehensive healing, shining a light on a brighter future for all those she encounters.


Erica’s educational foundation includes an Associate’s Degree in AOD Counseling, a testament to her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and proficiency. This drive propels her toward the ongoing pursuit of both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work, a pursuit that ignites her aspiration to have a deeper impact on the lives of those in need.

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