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Chief Operations Officer

Salvatore Mendoza

Among Sal’s key responsibilities is the development of strategic partnerships with relevant organizations, such as treatment centers, mental health providers, and support groups, to enhance the service offerings and create a comprehensive support network for the women served. One of Sal’s greatest strengths is his ability to build and lead high-performing teams. They are deeply committed to fostering a workplace culture that values compassion, empathy, and inclusivity.

By providing mentorship and professional development opportunities, Sal promotes a supportive environment where staff members feel empowered and motivated to deliver exceptional care to the women they serve.In addition to their professional expertise, Sal consistently demonstrates a genuine compassion for the clients they support. They firmly believe in the power of advocacy, awareness, and education to break the stigmas associated with addiction and mental health. Their holistic approach to care focuses on providing comprehensive services that address not only the addiction or mental health issue but also the underlying causes and associated challenges faced by women.

With a relentless drive to make a difference and their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of women with addiction and mental health issues, Sal serves as an inspirational leader within the organization. Through their leadership, expertise, and dedication, they play a crucial role in transforming lives and building a brighter future for women seeking recovery and healing.


Sal Mendoza is a highly dedicated Chief Operating Officer (COO) who works closely with the CEO to develop, construct, and maintain an infrastructure that carries out planned activities for women with addiction and mental health issues. Throughout Sals’ career, he has cultivated a wealth of experience in the field of addiction and mental health, making them a valuable asset to the organization. With a solid background in administration and program management, he has successfully implemented and overseen numerous initiatives aimed at providing effective support to women in need. As the COO, Sal plays a pivotal role in the strategic planning and execution of activities that address the specific needs of women with addiction and mental health issues. He work tirelessly alongside the CEO and other key stakeholders to ensure that the infrastructure is robust and capable of delivering exceptional care and support to those seeking help.

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