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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Andrea McCaw

Andrea McCaw is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, deeply committed to assisting individuals struggling with addictions on their path to recovery.
Andrea’s goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and strategies to lead healthier lives. During practicum, she had the privilege of working with elementary school children. This experience further enriched her skill set, enabling her to connect with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, singing, and learning to play the guitar.


Andrea’s educational journey has been a unique blend of disciplines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in theater, which has instilled the power of storytelling, empathy, and understanding the human experience. Building upon this foundation, Andrea earned M.A. in Counseling from Palo Alto University of Psychology.

Andrea’s professional experience reflects a diverse background. She honed her skills as an intern at the College of San Mateo, where she worked with individuals facing a wide range of mental health challenges. Additionally, Andrea served as a mental health educator at College of San Mateo sharing valuable insights on mental health. Her time there allowed to develop a compassionate and client-centered approach to therapy.

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